The Sunshine Foundation of Canada is a national charity that creates a meaningful impact for children and youth living with severe physical disabilities. By fulfilling important and confidence boosting dreams, The Sunshine Foundation provides their “Sunshine Dream” recipients with a sense of purpose and independence that changes lives.

 We have been lucky to work with the Sunshine Foundation since redesigning their website in 2017. The rTraction team has a strong admiration for the organization’s incredible mission and vision.

Working alongside The Sunshine Foundation, we were able to pinpoint the main concerns they had for the website, which were that in the years after its development it had become quite slow, making it difficult for staff to edit some of the site’s content. With this in mind, we outlined our main goals for the project, which were to:

  • Increase traffic 

  • Convert visitors to donors

  • Reduce bounce rate

  • Import Content from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 website to reduce staff time for content entry

In order to meet these goals, we set out to create a website that would be easier for the Sunshine team to edit on their own, attract more web traffic which would then convert visitors into donors, and decrease the site’s bounce rate.

The final result of the website update saw a fully functional D9 site that allowed the Sunshine Staff more independence with editing and updating content, as well as a newer and easier-to-use interface for existing and prospective donors. This newer website will allow the Sunshine team to continue carrying out their mission, and bring their incredible work to the children and youth who need it most.

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