The Western Fair District is a multifaceted not-for-profit agricultural society built nearly a decade ago. They are a member-driven organization that through programming and facilities is a leading agricultural entertainment, commercial sport, and recreation destination for the London community. Their principles include:

  • Supporting ongoing development of the agriculture industry. 
  • Undertaking human resource policy and practices.
  • A valued and inclusive corporate citizen to the community. 
  • Manages its resources with integrity and financial responsibility.

Over the past decade of serving the community, The Western Fair District's website has served the organization well with its various integrated microsites, but the organization was looking for a way to utilize what was going well and incorporate a refined website. 


The Western Fair District approached us with a request to update their website so that the overall functionality and look met their current needs. By the end of the project, the organization wanted a website with an up-to-date look, user-friendly functionality for staff, improved usability for the London community, and a website that was compatible with its mobile users. The goal of the new website was to allow stakeholders to quickly access needed resources while leveraging the microsites that are already utilized and working well for the organization. 

How We Helped

To meet the organization's goals we set out to do the following: 

  • Create an easy-to-maintain website. 
  • Create a new mobile-friendly website. 
  • Ensured all microsites were organized, easy to maintain, and easy to navigate through using the main website. 

We designed and created a new website with stronger functionality and implemented a new solution using Drupal 10. 


There were amazing results from the updated website and a lot has changed from the old website to what is displayed now. The new website incorporated features that allow users to access the information with ease, while also giving employees access to do simple website modifications. The new website layout is now compatible with mobile devices which allows all mobile users to navigate the website seamlessly. This fix was an important update since the majority of website traffic came from mobile devices.  

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